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Ashes Will Fall, an emotional roller coaster that leads from the deadly streets of Miami, to the hallowed halls of the White House. The story includes everything from romance, action, adventure, revenge, and desperation to lies, police corruption, political uncertainty, drugs, and much more.

Nick Ruben is a man that has it all. That is until his wife and children are murdered in cold blood due to a mistake made by Anthony Lazo, his best friend. Miami-Dade County S.W.A.T. Christian Jones teams up with Ruben to hand out their version of vigilante justice against the drug czar Juan Chavaz, a man that has played havoc on both of their lives.

A local news reporter Heather Gil is basking in the love and affection of her Miami audience. Thanks to her popularity she is the only local news reporter with access to a fundraiser for Fredrick, the current Vice-Presidential Candidate. Before the event however, she finds herself at the scene of a deadly car explosion that has taken the lives of a local woman and her children. When she arrives at the scene, she finds the one thing that she never expected to find, Rudy Valentino.

Rudy Valentino is an Army Ranger on assignment to Miami where he is to instruct those responsible for the Miami-Dade County S.W.A.T. training program. What he runs into however, is more than your everyday emotional roller coaster.

George Mitchell, the candidate for the office of the President of the United States, is a man accustomed to getting what he wants. He can’t help the fact that he was blessed with an abundance of charm and charisma that causes women to long for him. One night in particular, he cannot fight the temptation when he takes part in a meeting with Congresswoman Julie Grant, the wife of his running mate. The meeting abruptly alters course and an affair with national consequences begins. What they both fail to consider is that Fredric Grant, the former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, still had a friend or two.

Will Nick Ruben and Christian Jones be able to get to Juan Chavaz before he realizes the danger that is lurking in the shadows? Can Heather Gil work through the shock of seeing her first and only love after years of being separated? Will Rudy Valentino, who has been drowning his troubles in rum, be able to pull himself from the gutter and straighten his life out? What will happen to George Mitchell when be betrays not only his running mate, but also the former director of the CIA? The soon to be published Ashes Will Fall has the answers.

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