Short Stories by James M. Patrick

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Rudy’s Rangers Series

In Western Afghanistan, a place where chaos rules and the Taliban has all the control. Successful military operations in the area have been few and far between. Traditional units have failed time and time again to secure the region. As a result, US military leaders have decided to up the ante. A higher tiered, highly trained unit is needed.

The mission is clearly stated; establish a foothold and gather intelligence in the advance of the arrival of the 10th Mountain Division. The question remains however, who could execute such a mission? For Army commanders however, the answer is simple; the Third Ranger Battalion.

Lieutenant Rudy Valentino, Platoon Leader of First Platoon of Bravo Company, along with his childhood friend Lieutenant Joseph Raymond are deployed to Forward Operating Base Ranger as the first wave to pacify the region. Facing almost insurmountable odds and an implacable enemy, follow the chronicle of Rudy’s Rangers on their Afghanistan deployment.




Vega: Orc Slayer Series

Coming February 2018

In a world filled with fantastical creatures, Humans lead a life of destitution and forced servitude. One man will be shown the way or the warrior. Forged in the crucible of battle, he becomes the man destined to save them all. Bringing death upon any who enslave his people, he is Vega, and he is the Orc Slayer.