Story II of Rudy’s Rangers Series

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Hostile Neighborhood

After their first week at Forward Operation Base Ranger, Third Ranger Battalion’s Bravo Company had been hampered by a lack of transportation needed to perform operations to execute their overall mission; gather intelligence in the advance of the arrival of the 10th Mountain Division. Their needs are about to be fulfilled, so long as the Ranger’s ensure security for a convoy of contractors delivering their vehicles. The mission falls on the shoulders of Rudy’s Rangers.

After nearly a twenty mile road march, Lieutenant Valentino encounters an obstinate village elder that refuses to cooperate with him. Irate about their presence in his village bringing the threat of local Taliban attacks, his concerns prove to be prophetic. Rudy’s Rangers now face a vicious enemy who cares nothing about the innocent villagers caught in the crossfire. Valentino and his Rangers have to find a way to protect the civilians and remove the threat. No simple task.