Story III of Rudy’s Rangers Series

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Mail and Cookies

Lieutenant Rudy Valentino is the Platoon Leader of Third Ranger Battalion’s Bravo Company. Deployed to FOB Ranger in Northern Afghanistan, Rudy’s Rangers deal with the same rigors and conditions as conventional units however with much higher expectations. This is their story.

For the first time in their deployment, mail has arrived at FOB Ranger. Anticipation was high leading up to the delivery. Expectations and hopes were high while pallet after pallet was offloaded from the massive dual rotor Chinook helicopters. For Lieutenant Rudy Valentino however, he sees the mail for what it is. A distraction that could cost his men their lives.

Valentino has no delusions about the mail. Well aware of the dangers it poses, he puts all of his non-commissioned officers on the lookout for any issues the troops may have. But even sergeants are human, and they can’t see everything.