Ah yes, the good old days. Like many of you, I can think back to the first time I picked up a pencil and decided that I was going to write a book. My head was filled with the visions of high profile book launches, book signings with lines out the door and hours long waiting times. As the words spilled from me into all those college ruled composition books, I could already hear my phone ringing with agents and publishers offering six figure deals, and film studios getting into bidding wars over who would earn the rights to make motion pictures out of my books. Money, fame, and a life of luxury were just waiting. All I had to do was write.

Money 50s

Like I said, those were the good old days. I always imagined I would write a book, send it out to agents and publishers and I could move onto the next book while the money came pouring in. After all, I had spent so much time, energy and love into making my book, how could they not love it? If only life worked that way.

Over the many years it took me to write my first novel, I had to face the hard truth. Chances were I was never going to have a lifestyle of the rich and famous from my writing. The realization gave me the same feeling I had when a scout from the Cincinnati Reds approached me after a high school baseball game where I played spectacularly  and broke the news that I wasn’t bad, but would never play pro ball. It is never fun to hear that you may not be good enough at something that you love to make it big.

So, if I never expect to make it big, why do I still even bother to write? It’s simple, I love to write. It doesn’t matter if I am taking part in a discussion with a Facebook group or commenting on forums or a blog, I love to write. When I was taking my college courses, I would always get upset when the instructor gave out a research paper assignment of eight to ten pages. I mean, eight pages in APA format was not much. How was I going to write ONLY eight to ten pages on this topic? I never understood people who were upset because eight pages was too much.

I don’t know, maybe I’m strange, but I don’t know how someone could not love writing. Every aspect; from pre-writing, character creation, plot development and outlining, all the way through the final polish, what’s not to love?


Don’t get me wrong, I still have aspirations of one day being rich and famous from my writing. I’m just not singularly driven by the thought. I hope that those of you with a true passion to write find the inspiration to do so. Never before has the ability to share our writing been so abundant. Take advantage of the opportunity that you have, and for the love of writing, write!